FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Heisman Nunes & Hull recognized as Super Lawyers© and Best Lawyers©

Rochester, NY - September 25, 2021. All three of the found attorneys of Heisman Nunes & Hull LLP -- Lew Heisman, Paul Nunes and Ron Hull -- were recognized by their clients and peers as Best Lawyers© and Super Lawyers©. Click for more.


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 remains a surprisingly robust area of legal practice, says Paul Nunes, a longtime local litigator with Heisman, Nunes & Hull LLP. Nunes estimates that serving as a mediator accounts for as much as 25% of his practice."

Rosenbaum seeks career as a mediator by Will Astor, May 4, 2020, click on logo or title to read


Press Release - May 6, 2019, Heisman Nunes & Hull LLP Opens New Firm in Rochester NY

          “The only constant is change,” says Nunes. Sage words from one of the partners at the newly established firm Heisman Nunes & Hull LLP, which opened its doors on May 6th, 2019. The new firm is the endeavor of award-winning New York Super Lawyers Lewis J. Heisman, Paul V. Nunes and Ronald G. Hull, who recently left Underberg & Kessler LLP, where they practiced law collectively for over 70 years. ... Read more

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Ronald G. Hull 585-270-6207

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